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Nepal, situated in South Asia is a landlocked country, whichshares borderswith China in the North and India in other three sides. It is a land rich in cultural heritage and considered as only Hindu country in the world. It is an adventure marvel with world's tallest peaks like the Mt. Everestand also serves as the best holiday destination for trekkers and wildlife lovers.

Trekking and hiking lovers would love to explore
Trekking and hiking lovers would love to discover the paths of Nepal as it cuts through the mountains making it one of the most adventurous trekking/hikingdestinations. People can trek to the south of the Everest base camp and witness the most beautiful views from the top.

The Annapurna Circuit is the best hiking route, which cuts through the Himalayan range, touching the Tibetanplate giving a lifetime hike experience.

The largest Stupa “BoudhanathStupa” is necessary visit place. It is an ancient monument having the eyes on all its sides representing the elements of the universe, theearth, air, water and fire. By exploring this place, we get to know about the ancient religious rituals, our ancestors follow and the cultures.

World’s Heritage sites
Worlds Heritage sites can be witness where seven situated at Katmandu and one each in Chit wan National park and Lambini. It would be a treat to visit such places to discover and know about the ancient history. Nepal is a land with numerous lakes like the Gokyo Lake being the world’s largest lake and land of glaciers, which is a treat to the eyes watching the amazing manginificient blue color view around the sky.

Species of birds and animals
The land is a treat for sighting of various different species of birds and animals. They have the Bardia National park. Take the safari ride, and if lucky,you alsomight get a chance to see the crocodiles,rhinosand the Bengal tigers. The extinct species of leopards known as the Clouded Leopardscan be spottedhere.

Experience colourful cultures and traditions
The place is full of diverse cultures and traditions practiced by the people of Nepal. Due to earthquake, which occurred and later shook the entire country gives tourists an opportunity to volunteer in activates resulting in exploring the country even better like their traditions, lifestyles and the languages spoken.

The Annapurna Sanctuary and the Latang valley are worth visiting in Nepal.There are a wide range of adventurousactivates lined up for tourists like bungee jumping, mountain biking, rafting, hot air balloon rides and waterfall ice climbing.

They have cuisines influenced from India and China and have their traditional dishes - the ‘momos’ and ‘Dhal Bhat’, which is must eat Nepalese cuisines. Hinduism is the most followed religion of the land but other religionsare also practiced minimally.

To conclude, Nepal is one of an affordable holiday destination for tourists for exploring ancient monuments, witnessing multiculturism, for treks and hikes and witnessing wildlife. It is a Buddhist pilgrim place where numerous prayer halls, monks and old aged stupascan be witnessed. There are numerous such places to visit taking us back to the ancient times. Hence, Nepal is one of the destination holiday places for lots of adventures, monuments and sighting.

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